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Floorers and wall tilers

£13,520 Average salary at age 20
£29,120 Average Salary
45 Average hours per week


Floorers and wall tilers lay composition mixtures (other than mastic asphalt) to form flooring, plan, fit and secure carpet, underlay and linoleum and cover and decorate walls and floors with terrazzo and granolithic mixtures, tiles and mosaic panels.

Main Tasks

  • Examines drawings and specifications to determine job requirements;
  • Cleans floor surface, fixes wooden laying guides and mixes, pours and levels granite and terrazzo mixtures, bitumen, synthetic resin or other composition mixtures to form flooring;
  • Examines premises to plan suitable layout and cuts, lays and secures underlay, carpet and linoleum;
  • Finishes covering by rolling, smoothing, grouting or polishing;
  • Mixes cement screed or other adhesive, cuts and positions floor and wall tiles and checks alignment of tiling with spirit level.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, though GCSEs/S grades are advantageous. Entry is typically through an apprenticeship or traineeship approved by ConstructionSkills leading to an NVQ/SVQ in General Construction at Level 3.

UK Prospects

31300 Workforce Size
2.00% Predicted decline 2021 - 2027
6156 Predicted Replacement 2021 - 2027

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