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Facts & Figures

3,100 businesses in industry
18,500 people working in industry
£1.3 billion worth to the economy

The digital sector is difficult to define because almost all businesses utilise digital technology to some extent.

However, the core digital sector is made up of businesses that generate most of their value from the development of new products and services that exploit digital technologies. It is driven by the digitisation of services which enables businesses to offer their products in new and exciting ways. There are a huge range of job roles in the digital sector including project management, analysis, development, marketing, business development and much more.  

Four pillars of Sheffield City Region Digital Tech sector:

  • Industrial Tech - Crossing the areas of technology and manufacturing
  • Creative Tech - The region encompasses wide digital creativity
  • EdTech / Learning Tech – Sheffield City Region is a key UK hub for education technology
  • Mobility Tech - areas where digital and movement occurs

Local Digital Jobs

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These are some of the companies in Sheffield City Region operating in the digital field

Local Digital Apprenticeships

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Local Digital Learning Opportunities

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